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11-07-2011, 05:06 PM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
Fine, I will back it up with more stats then.

Dustin Brown was 2/7 last year overall, so slightly higher than Johnson's 1/7. Career wise Johnson got off to a great start, going 6/17 in 2009-2010 and 3/6 in 2008-2009. His numbers dropped last year though quite noticeably.

When you break it down by where they shoot, at home, Brown has a rate of 38.5% (10/26) while Johnson is 21.4% (3/14). Clearly, stats wise the better option at home was Brown.

Really, no matter how you slice it, Brown was the better choice, especially at home where, percentage wise, he's nearly double Johnson's succes rate.

My original point is that, unlike what you might think, Johnson was far from being the better choice in the shootout over Brown, and your ill-advised rant was not backed in facts whatsoever. Johnson may have a better career average, that I will grant you, but the bulk of that success came on the road and in prvious seasons, neither of which was applicable on Saturday night. Johnson was not the correct call for the Kings, given the successes of the past and the likelihood they would continue, as there is no reason to believe Brown would suddenly become less potent this year at home.

Clear enough for you now?
Hockey's not like baseball where home/road splits mean something for someone's numbers, especially for shootouts. All ice rinks are the same dimensions. All nets are the same dimensions. They cut the ice the same way before the shoot. The fact Brown has better home shootout stats and Johnson has better road shootout stats just comes down to variable chance.

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