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11-07-2011, 08:45 PM
Ross MacLochness
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Who could forget that game?

In the 1st period, a Ribeiro goal is waved off because of "goalie interference", when really it was Brodeur flopping around and Ribeiro having a toe in the crease at the same time.

2-2 late in the 3rd, Hackett goes to play the puck and gets bodyslammed, puck is centered and the Devils score into the empty net, good goal. Game over.

Afterwards Therrien is fuming and screaming at Fraser "EVERY GAME! EVERY ****ING GAME!" Probably referencing the famous "Mustard jacket" game from the Carolina series the season before.

Then Savard comes storming through the tunnel losing his mind. I remember you could actually see a security guard pull out his gun/tazer for a second as he probably had no idea who in the hell Andre Savard was, and thought maybe it was some crazed lunatic fan looking to kill the ref.

Good times.

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