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Originally Posted by Mile High View Post
When did I propose going into the post-season with Schneider and Garon?? I said Y would ideally want someone more proven than Schneider...

However, I did say that IF a Schneider deal were to happen, I would rather give up a package of Roloson/Tokarski/pick opposed to giving up Connolly. Why would a team trade for a 42 year old goalie going onto 43 in the off-season?
You proposed trading Roli & Tokarski + pick for Schneider. You would only be able to do that before the trade deadline this season, since Roli will be a UFA at the end of the season. Therefore, you would be going into this season's playoffs with Schnieder and Garon, no?

Roloson generally goes on patterns of playing well one night and poorly the next. Playoffs aside, last season he followed a similar pattern once he was traded to us (besides the 8 game winning streak in April/May). His gaa and sv% will not hold at 1.85 and .927 respectively, shown by his season ending stats in previous years. Our offence will have to continue to bail him out every other game, and over the course of the regular season, this isn't a sustainable strategy and we'll be hard pressed to get into the playoffs with that kind of goaltending.

I don't doubt Roloson's ability to come up big in the playoffs, but I see a bigger issue with making the playoffs if we continue to roll Roloson/Garon. It's still early in the year, but Roloson's glove hand side really concerns me since it seems to be stuck to his side every time a puck goes high.
I understand your concern about Roli's glove side, but if something is going on physically I don't think he'd be playing. Therefore, I think he'll work it out by focussing on that part of his game, just like he has made adjustments to his positioning and rebound control in the past. I've watched him since '06, his patterns are better than one game on, one game off. He's had a bad start, but he has shown with the Isles and with the Oilers starting with the 08/09 season that he can have very consistent stretches of play. I also think Boucher has handled/will handle him better than any coach has in a very long time and will get the best out of him and Garon.

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