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11-07-2011, 10:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Jaded-Fan View Post
Both teams would be as happy with their players as they are now, and both teams would be among the best teams in the NHL as they are now. That top line with Crosby and Ovechkin would be particularly awesome for stat lovers, but I do not see much difference. Both are amazing players among the best in the league, so in the end I doubt it would make a huge result team wise.

Never would have happened though. Aside from David Conte being absolutely smitten with Malkin there was just no way Ovechkin wasn't going to go #1. Ovechkin had been the clear #1 for years heading into the draft and had completely lived up to every expectation that he had up to that point. Malkin wasn't considered an elite talent until around the middle of the draft year, and his stock steadily rose throughout...but Ovechkin was always the 'safe' #1, while Malkin was the more raw player with the potential to be on Ovechkin's perceived future level. I'd say they've both lived up to expectations and they're definitely both on that top elite tier in the league. I doubt things would be much different on the ice, really. Fantasy players would be creaming their pants, but that would be the biggest effect.

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