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Originally Posted by ThirdEye View Post
I don't care if he's being matched up against top forwards... you need to produce and he isn't doing that. And plus, it's not like he's going to challenge for the Selke this season. He's alright defensively, but it's nothing to write home about. Blair Betts was probably a better defensive forward and he didn't get 15 minutes of ice time

Bring his ice time down to 10 minutes where it should be. If he gets hot as some point then increase it again. But right now he doesn't deserve it
The bolded is the problem then. At less than 2 mil the job and the production for a defensive minded PK 4th liner is not about box score. Your expectation is wrong not Boyle's production. He's not producing points early in this season so what it's early in the season you are jumping teh gun. All that can be fairly said is that he cant go through a whole season of this offensively. Defensively and PK wise he's been what we paid for. You dont pay 20 goal defensive guys a paltry 1.5 mil (or 1.75 whatever it was). We didnt pay him to score 20 goals though that mich is obvious.

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