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Originally Posted by mti79 View Post
Hi all,
I'm a NY Ranger fan originally from NJ, spent 6 years in Buffalo and now reside in Connecticut. (Not that any of you care). My fiancee and I enjoy going to Ranger games and have tried to go to away games as a way to see other parts of the country while supporting our team along the way.
Her Uncle lives outside Tampa so we decided to make a long weekend of it and are headed down for the 12/3 game against your Bolts. I had a few questions.
1. How are opposing fans treated? We're not rude. We only cheer when/if the Rangers do something good and don't go looking for trouble. We understand it's "your building" and don't make waves. Hell, if they suck enough, we'll join in some "Rangers suck" chants along the way.
2. I admittedly know nothing about Tampa. Any good restaurants in the area?
3. What is the parking like? Do people pregame for games down there?
4. Any other info I should know about?

We want to come down and have a good weekend. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
1. As an Islander fan who's lived in Tampa for 11 years now, I've never once had any really bad treatment. The most I've ever gotten is "go home!"-and most of those are tongue in check (this includes during the playoffs). Most people will either ignore you, whether you live in NY or FL (tons of us transplants here) or ask you about the team.

2. Mostly chain restaurants. It can hard to find a really good restaurants (the ones that are can be expensive). But I suggest stopping into a mom and pop Cuban place at least once.

3. Parking is not bad. I suggest parking Morgan, about 2-3 lots away from the Forum. It's not a bad walk, and you can avoid a good amount of traffic-depending on where you're staying.

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