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11-08-2011, 01:50 AM
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Originally Posted by m00ks View Post

Above 4.5 he'll NEVER get. 4.5 is stupid money. 4.25 is a generous offer. 4.0 is fair value and anything less is a home town discount.

Given that we're paying him 3.25 already, and increase of a million is not beyond our capacity.
See above... Same offer I made Mtl-rules, but even easier for you.

Assuming kost stays relatively healthy (70+ games)

<4.25, Mooks as my quote until end of 2012

>4.25, miller time as your quote until end of 2012

You that sure? Cuz I am

Originally Posted by m00ks View Post

Edit: Just to add, Pleka settled for less even after outproducing Gomez and Cammy so why is it inconceivable for AK to do the same?
Gomez-contract given by NYR, not Habs, completely irrelevant.

Cammy- coming off of career year gets 6M/6yrs as a UFA merc.

Pleks took 1M/year less, but as a returning UFA. I personally felt at the time, and continue to believe, that he took a hometown discount. If he had wanted top-dollar, I bet he could have gotten more... Heck Gionta, a far lesser player, got the same deal a year earlier (and if anything, that's the contract that really highlights Pleks commitment to the team... Could have easily, and accurately, argued that he was worth considerably more).

But if you can't see/appreciate why Kost and his situation makes it far less likely that he'll give the team a break, then we clearly see different things

And I had avoided, until now, mentioning the sibling influence, which would clearly play against the Habs getting any kind of favors from the Kost clan.

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