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Originally Posted by puckmover View Post
to me skates and sticks are a big thing,

i notice a difference between high end to a low end stick or skates,

how much would you pay for a stick if you play adult league hockey and shinny.

im finding it hard to justify paying 200 for a stick,

usually i find year end deals top of the line sticks on sale and pay 100 to 150,

just curious what people think,

thats what I do..

I got an an old RM19 for $60, which worked well until the blade went soft

I got a S11 for $60
I got a ST 3rd Gen for $100
I got a Vapor XXXX for $100

all about a season or two old (not used, just new old stock)

I don't spend money on my pads or pants in Shinny... no contact, not necessary to dress yourself in RBK 11K... Just 5030 stuff, but I do love my gloves Palms mean everything

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