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11-08-2011, 10:43 AM
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Originally Posted by tomd View Post
The core of the team (Kopitar, Quick, and Brown) were drafted under the old regime.

DL has been at the helm for FIVE years and what has he added to that core? Almost nothing.

The players everyone complains about were brought in by DL. Doesn't he ultimately bear the responsibility for the failure that is this team? If not, why not????
One thing that I think is ignored by the "old regime" mentality is development.

It's one thing to draft a guy, it's another to develop him properly. Of all the goalies that Dave Taylor's crew drafted, only two panned out to play more than games were Jamie Storr and Christobel Huet. And Huet did much of it after Taylor traded him away. Taylor professed teams could find elite goalies in later rounds (which is true) but his legacy features the likes of Storr, Steve Valiquette, Matthew Yeats, Alexei Volkov, Jean-Francois Nogues, Cory Campbell, Carl Grahn, Nathan Marsters, Sebastian Laplante, Huet, Terry Denike, Matt Zaba, Ryan Munce, Yataka Fukufuji, Danny Taylor and Quick being drafted.

Of those 16 goalies, only 3 ever played more than 41 games (more than half a season) in one year for any NHL team. Storr did it twice (42 and 45 games for LA) and Huet did it three times (best was 48 games). Really though, neither was ever a long-term starting option in the NHL.

The lone goalie ever drafted by Taylor's regime who has thus far emerged as a legitimate NHL starting goaltender is Quick, and he was also the lone one developed almost completely under DL's tenure. Given DL's proven ability in developing elite talent between the pipes in San Jose, I doubt it's just a coincidence.

After that you have Brown and Kopitar left from your argument. So what if they were draft under the previous regime? Whenever there is a turnover in the GM chair, the new GM always has something to benefit from that was left over. In Winnipeg, they got Kane, Bognosian, Enstrom, Ladd and Pavelec and Burmistrov for example, a heck of a lot more than what DT left Lombardi.

I'm not trying to throw Taylor under the bus here, but unless you think the core = Kopitar, Brown and Quick, you are way off in saying DL hasn't added anything to the core.

Maybe go compare our defense from 2005 to now and see some of what DL has done.

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