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11-08-2011, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
See I do the one foot thing all the time but I can barely do a two foot proper hockey stop, as in digging in both edges. I always have trouble with the inside foot outside's more for balance than digging in. In theory you should be able to stop a lot quicker and transfer more force back to the opposite direction using both legs. I'm just lazy and never took the time to learn it.
Me too. I never stop with both feet. I was taught intially to do it with both, but I actually went to another clinic where they guy said that most instructors are now teaching the one foot method. He said a lot of nhler's who have stopped on two feet forever have been switching to the one foot method b/c it puts you in a better position if you are looking to change directions quickly. I found one foot stops to be much more effective, but that's just me.

To the OP just make sure you stick with it and don't get discouraged. It will come to you with a bit of practice. All of sudden one day it will just click and you'll wonder why you ever had issues with it. To me that seems to be the way every skater I know describes it. Until that day though it can be extremely frustrating.

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