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11-08-2011, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
Actually, the "other than on Loan from his Club" would apply to Radulov without a special exemption from the league. The Preds had to suspend him to prevent this final year of his ELC to expire while he plays in the KHL ... he isn't on loan so he must be the KHL under some "other" arrangement.

Maybe there is some back room decision that would allow the Preds to treat this as though they did "loan" him for this final season if he chooses to come back to the NHL. Maybe Bettman is hoping that a media statement is enough to get this through. The disconnect between the statements from Poile/Bettman/Daly and the wording of the CBA is dangerous territory and the risk remains for another round of drama until this is resolved.
If forced to interpret the situation in light of the CBA the Preds would contend that this is the equivalent of having a player on loan, since he was under contract with the preds when he went over. The rule is specifically designed to keep teams from poaching unaffiliated euros after their seasons end, but nobody would bat an eye if a contracted player loaned to europe returned after their euro season was over, and i think that is how the rads situation would be viewed, even though the "loan" was involuntary.

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