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11-08-2011, 11:49 AM
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Originally Posted by SkyKushryd View Post
Heres a question.

I can stop on my right foot very easily, but can't stop on my left at all.

I know about the "Snowplow" method, but I'm having problems getting my left foot to "slide" like my right does, even when "snowplowing".

Any tips?
I had the same problem. I got over the hump by conciously turning that skate in and exagerrating my hips/butt when I started the stop. Then I just purposely stopped to that side everytime I was at an open skate for a while and before I knew it, I had both sides working the same. Now I'd say I'm probably even better stopping that way, which is good because I'm a right handed shot and I think the open side stop is more important than the closed side.

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