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11-08-2011, 10:58 AM
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ive had 2 concussions. the first one was severe, i lost pretty much an entire day of my life. ppl tell me what happened and how i was repeating myself over and over and over again, but nobody knew wtf was wrong till they found out i had a concussion. it took me a looooonnnngggg time to recover... thats what happens when you play tackle football without any protective gear with your buddies.

the 2nd was about 6 months ago, got slewfooted on the ice, and slammed the back of my head onto the rink. had a severe headache, but didnt lose any time. i actually ended up playing in a game the very next day with the concussion, the headaches, the dizziness, etc, but it was a championship game, and i wasnt going to miss it being the #1 defenseman for our team (im insane, leave me alone ...and i ended up scoring a goal and 2 assists so its a good thing i played ) and by the next day it was nearly gone, and the day after that, gone completely.

so im kinda a different situation. my 2nd concussion was much milder, despite a violent smashing of my head into the ice (Thank god science for helmets!) and on top of the my 2nd concussion didnt last nearly as long as the first one. i also played a game right after and it didnt seem to prolong it at all as the symptoms got easier and easier.

so from reading what you guys have gone through, and what ive gone through, i can say....i think we know why there is so little consensus when it comes to concussions

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