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11-08-2011, 12:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
we've been over this, Bernie. Not all CSNs are the same. CSN Philly is easily their mst valuable channel.
Not only that, but like I've been saying, nothing official has happened as far as I can tell. The appeal upheld only part of the FCC's ruling (the part that doesn't really control the outcome of the case) and it was remanded back to the FCC to figure out basically whether or not the cable companies have to adhere to the rule. It will likely be a long time before anything happens. If the FCC determines the cable companies do have to adhere to the rule, I would imagine they will likely appeal and it will go on for a very long time unless there is some sort of out of court settlement.

It's all worthless anyway because DTV got rid of a bunch of sick channels so even if Comcast does have to uplink CSNPhilly and you go with DTV, then you're missing out on channels like FX, which would suck. I'd rather pay Comcast and get them both, unfortunately. I don't know exactly what happened with fox and DTV, but I think that will hurt DTV as well.

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