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11-08-2011, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by tomd View Post
sigh...if you don't consider Quick and Kopitar as far and away the two best players on this team then we don't even have the basis for a discussion.

Without Quick and Kopitar do the Kings even have a win this year??

And fine, I'll give DL credit for developing Quick and Kopitar. Without his guidance and genius they would both be languishing in the ECHL.
When backed into a corner, can't admit defeat huh?

Where did I say they aren't the best players on the team? Where did I even suggest they aren't part of the core?

Kopi and Quick are the best two players on the team. I agree. I said they aren't the only two (or with Brown three) players in the Kings core. Don't try and spin it, they aren't. And the core we have now is pretty damn good, though we need to add some scoring on the wings still. We need a true sniper who can hammer home 40 a season, like a Heatley, Parise, Stamkos, etc.

We get that, we are cruising.

And yes, you are totally correct, Quick and Kopitar would languish in the ECHL without the brilliance of Lombardi. That's clear, just as clear as the fact your sarcasm is of no benefit to this conversation and makes you look like a whiny teenager. It is ok to give Lombardi some credit once in a while, the guy isn't John Ferguson Jr.

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