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10-30-2003, 11:35 AM
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10 Game report

I fully intend to do a 10 game report every 10 games (duh ) to document what I see as the improvements, or failings, of our players and the team as a whole. This here is my first installment, which, I have to say, was looking good until the last three games. Since you see where my thoughts are game by game, these reports will be short and to the point, I won't give more scouting reports, merely mention where I think the players and team are.

First the team, the most important part. After game one, everyone bought into the system while we jumped out and move to 5-2. Our second loss was a 1-0 loss to the Buds, but the system was almost flawless. Unfortunately, following our fifth win, the system was tossed out in favour of indivudual play and lesser efforts. Getting the puck out of the zone, a simple pair of passes in the system, became a chore because forwards ceased to help out. Furthermore, defensively we are running around uselessly instead of going to our assigned areas. Hopefully game 11 against the Bruins will be an improvement.

Theo: Started well, but dropped off when he lost rebound control and some positioning. Pucks don't hit him like they do when he's in the groove.

Garon: The better of the two 'tenders at this moment in time. He's making the pucks hit him more often, plus he's helping out his defenders far more than he ever did in the past.

Bouillon: Some improvement, but you can't expect more. He's moving the puck well, but his size prevents exemplary coverage.

Hainsey: Rookie errors. But an overall improvement in his game is nice to see. He should get more and more time as the season progresses.

Brisebois: When he sticks to the basics, he's wonderful. When he tries to do too much, he's disastrous. Let's pray for the former.

Quintal: Started slow and came on, but seems to have lost a step this year. Positioning will save him, but in the last two, that's been off.

Souray: Inconsistent to say the least. When he's on, he's *on*. When he's off, he's running around uselessly. Still, his commitment to the system has been better than anyone defensively except Markov.

Rivet: Too much skating, not enough coverage. Instead of chasing the puck, he has to become proactive. He's been caught too many times down low.

Markov: Steadily improving still. Positioning this year is even better than last, and as he integrates his fine offensive game, which he started last game, he'll become even better.

Langdon: Nice fight. Keep working and don't get beat because of a lack of adherence to the system.

Begin: He knows what he needs to do and does it every night.

Ward: Works hard, but does tend to overpursue at times. Needs to stay within himself to be successful.

Sundstrom: Confidence is gone, though I don't know how he'll get it back, since as injured players come back, he'll be relagated to the press box - or Hamilton.

Juneau: Strong defence and adherence to the system has saved us immesurably this year. Without his play, I think our record would be significantly lower.

Dackell: You know what you're getting with him, and that's just fine. His chemistry with Juneau and Bulis keeps him where he is.

Bulis: Even better this year than last. When he finally gets one, I can see them starting to just tumble in the net for him. A revelation defensively.

Ryder: Wonderful rookie entrance to the NHL. He's playing on a dog line and making the most of it. Offensive instincts have been superb.

Perreault: He scored early and often then everything fell apart. One good defensive game, but the rest have been putrid.

Audette: Might as well not be there. His one goal was a result of terrible goaltending and he's brought nothing else to the table.

Hossa: Consistent improvement game to game leaves me with the warm fuzzies. As his confidence grows, so too will his production.

Ribeiro: Against small teams he's fine, the big ones kill him. His last three have been peripheral games.

Zednik: Slow start, and didn't get much better 'til last game. He needs to get to the net and take the punishment to score.

A 5-5 start is still probably better than most expected, so I think we'll just take it and run. Our losses were all against teams that we're not expected to compete for a playoff position against, so that's works just fine. The key is that we won all those games we really needed to win. If we can steal a few others against the Sens, Phillys and Boston's of the league, that's gravy.

A concerned fan.

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