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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
which does not change any of the facts. nobody claims they are all the same in every way.

and the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE decided to make the NFL ST an exclusive contract since the NFL owns the product

again, for those who are being misled here:

Comcast needs to win the bid from the NFL, as the NFL owns the programming, and the NFL decided to make the contract exclusive, not DirecTV.

had Comcast won the Contract by actually offering more money than DTV [there's a thought, huh ?] then COMCAST would have exclusive DISTRIBUTION rights to the NFL's PRODUCT.

Congress did NOTHING to DirecTV regarding MLB .. they went to MLB about their product

you seem to be intentionally misrepresenting the facts
Bernie, you are talking exclusively about end user content. You realize that, right?

And Congress absolutely did something to DirecTV, they nullified a signed deal involving them.

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