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Originally Posted by The OttoMan View Post
Better yet, what if Washington didnt win the lottery and steal that pick from Pittsburgh? The next year Pittsburgh has a far lesser chance at getting Crosby, and Washington has a far greater chance... so maybe Pittsburgh ends up with Ovie and Sasha Pokoluk while Washington has Malkin and Crosby.
Better yet? That premise completely undermines, or shows a lack of understanding, of the OP's question, which was far more interesting than your scenerio. Basically the OP is asking if you trade Malkin and Oveckin from their respective teams from day one what difference would it have made. The question is interesting as both are comparable, world class but completely different, types of players. The change of address would not only have an enormous impact on their careers (Crosby and Ovechkin together, the HF and fantasy hockey wet dream) but on the character of the teams as well. I wonder for instance how Ovechkin would fit in a Bylsma system. Oh Bylsma would make it work, you build around players like Ovechkin, but there would be some interesting growing pains both ways.

Your question is some Washington fantasy, but really does not scratch the surface of interesting beyond that.

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