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11-08-2011, 01:09 PM
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Originally Posted by scramble91 View Post
^ This

I know that this board is pretty damn critical of every little detail. I swear that people would still complain if we went 82-0. Hell, i remember last season, when half the board was whining about Kopitars play. In pro sports, every team hits rough patches during the long seasons. Sometimes the bounces just dont go your way.

I hope people realize that we made some drastic changes over the summer and it will take time to learn each others tendencies (particulary the 2nd and 3rd lines). Richards has shown his all around play, but anyone playing with Brown needs a pass. Brown is a little unpredictable on his positioning, and until Richards learns where he will be, it might be hard to generate 1st line quality offense (especially matched against the other teams top lines.)

What i have seen in the past few games is pretty good. Even though most of you have been complaining about Drew, he played a quiet all around game (basically taking TMs advice on not doing too much). His uncanny ability to spring the forwards with his outlet passes opens up so much for the rush. JJ has improved so much on the D side, but still needs to work on his D positioning at times. I dont even need to go over Kopitars play, but he is someone i think is a franchise player.

I have always said that TMs system is a little too safe as the F3 is always hanging out at the blue line. Lokti was a perfect example of why i somewhat disagree with TMs too safe system. He started to drift down a little into the scoring areas and created some opportunities, only to get benched. He wasnt that far out of position to fail on a d assignment (from what i saw...i might be wrong). Sometimes it always looks like the kings are playing 2 vs 3 downlow, and like most people say, they just jam up the middle so the points cant take shots or generate anything from the back end.

I also have noticed that TM gave Kopitar the green light on the forecheck, as I believe he has Gagne playing the F3 position alot (a majority of the time from what i have observed), so it frees Kopi up to steal pucks on the forecheck (which he is doing).

The biggest beef i have is will Stoll- the guy simply isnt a good center in the NHL today. He has zero playmaking ability and doesnt see the ice at all. I said it last year that Stoll's D awareness is not close to what Zues was for a 3rd line shutdown center. I still think he would make a good wing, as he is fast on the forecheck and has a good shot. Lokti at center with him at the wing would be worth a shot (like some people have mentioned already). If he learned to play a wing and get to the sweet spots with his shot, with a playmaking center feeding could be a good thing for both the players and the team. People might give me crap for this, but the current 3rd line is not a shutdown line, so if we were to add some skill there, we could potentially run 2 1st lines and a 2nd line (Lokti,Stoll, and someone like Comeau-until clifford is ready to step it up).

Just my 2 cents, but ill give it until december before i go in WTF mode.
I want more of this... it is educational for me and I don't see these things as you "veterans" do. And all this crap on Kings staff and this and that blah blah I could be without.

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