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Originally Posted by ATLhockey437 View Post

For pinching; never pinch if one of your forwards is behind the net on the weak side of the play. If one of your forwards isn't in the high slot, don't pinch. If 2/3 of the forwards are between the lower side of the hashmarks and goal line don't pinch.

The art of pinching relies on chemistry with the the rest of your line. Chemistry with your D partner is crucial. If you decide to pinch, trust that your partner is prepared to back out and remain in the middle of the ice and vice versa if he decides to pinch. Imagine there's a rope between you and your partner and always try to keep it taunt. If you know your forwards will back check incase your pinch doesn't work, take the gamble but be aware of where the forwards are at and if it is near the end of a shift.
Sadly in my pick up games all 3 forwards are usually playing really low. Having no support makes the pinch such a gamble. Pinching or straight up intercepting passes is one of my favorite parts of the game. It's all all about reading the play and being deceptive. I will say pinching, do't be weak or shy about it. Like a battle in front of the net you simply must win.

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