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Originally Posted by aragorn View Post
It means nothing, it's just an opinion. Filatov at 21 yrs old has lots of time to prove people wrong or right about him. What will be interesting is how long this management team gives him here in Ottawa but all it will take is for him to start producing in Ottawa consistently to win fans over.

But having said that I would think that if someone dishes out that much money for season tickets they would know something about hockey, afterall, they do watch 41 home games & some pre-season games. When you watch that much hockey you do get an appreciation of players skills & abilities. You may not agree with their opinion but you can't say it's wrong or that they don't know much about hockey, we don't know. In this case this guy played a lot of hockey when he was younger & has watched hockey is entire life.
Don Cherry has watched, played, and coached thousands of games in his lifetime, but would you ask him for an objective view of Russians (and Europeans in general)? Not to hate on Grapes (I'm probably one of the few that still like him) but he is completely blind when it comes to Russian talent.

Just because this guy is a season ticket holder, doesn't necessarily equate to him understanding hockey and giving a fair analysis of Filatov. Personally, I've been pleasantly surprised by Filatov's attitude, I'm just wary of how long it will last if doesn't crack the NHL sooner rather than later.

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