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11-08-2011, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Kulluminati View Post
Hey guys, I ended up chosing the Warrior Widow with a Kopitar curve, I'm about 5'9" or so and weigh only 155lbs (last time I checked) so I chose a 75 flex, also the widow is freakishly long so incase i have to cut it the stick it wont be too stiff. I intend to get in the gym and beef up but school wears me out enough so I don't see that happening until April when school is out.

The reebok a.i.9 or what ever its called felt good too, but I've had bad luck with reebok in the past and have never owned a Warrior product before so was willing to give it a try, also heard they make pretty durable stuff according to reviews i read online.

Funny enough this will be the first stick I will be using that has less than 100 flex since I was 14 (20 now), I'm sure I will see a huge improvement in my shot with the whippyness, especially since I rarely do any clappers and tend to stick to wristers and snap shots.
I noticed you said "in case I have to cut it." The Widow is 3" longer than most seniors, your average 5'9" player would probably be taking at least 7" or so off that thing. Stick length is personal preference to a certain degree, but there's absolutely no way you should leave that stick anywhere close to stock length. I'm 6' tall, take 2" off normal sticks, so would take 5" off a Widow. I'm guessing you were gonna cut it regardless, but a lot of people leave their sticks way to long to the detriment of their stick handling and shooting so you never know

Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
@Kulluminati : Definitely you'll notice a huge improvement, and the good thing about the Widow is that Warrior (mimicking Easton) allows that extra 3" to be cut without affecting the flex. Also, due to the ultra-low kickpoint on the Widow, you can even lop off another couple inches or so and the flex will remain the same. Good pickup
Cutting a stick is always going to affect how much effort you have to put in to flex it, it's simple physics, you have less mechanical advantage with a shorter shaft. The effect is a bit less with a low kick stick like the Widow, but it's there regardless. Really this is just a load of marketing B.S. by Warrior, if you look more closely into the claim it's simply that they've measured the flex of the stick at 60", instead of the full 63". So at 75 flex Widow is rated as a 75 flex at 60", if you use it at 63" it will feel whippier than a 75.

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