Thread: Prospect Info: Kuhnhackl banned 20 games
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11-08-2011, 03:04 PM
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Originally Posted by IHWR View Post
Back in the day goalies didn't wear masks and Mike Milbury only got 8 games for racing into the stands and beating a fan with his own shoe.

As I said in the prospect thread, this is a notoriously dangerous hit. It should be removed from the game as much as possible and the way you do that is to make an example of a few people. So yeah, 20 games is a lot and that's why they gave it to him. They want to set the bar now that these slingshot hits to the head as a players is coming from behind his own net aren't "big hits".

At one time hitting from behind was just called boarding and kneeing was just called tripping. Changes like this are necessary to ensure the safety of the players and these current hits (like Kuhnhackl and Downie and Kunitz) is what happens when big, strong players can move around fast. Again, I'm just repeating myself but coming from around your own net is one of the most defenseless places on the ice because you don't have a second option in terms of where you're going. Once you're going around. So players can anticipate where the defender will be and it gives them more time to react to hit them.

Think of it this way, do you ever see players get trucked like that in open ice? Hardly's way too hard to time it out and read where the opposing player will be once you've stopped accelerating. That's what the net effectively does to removes areas that a player can evade to and also creates a blindspot for opposing players to come from unnoticed. It's dangerous but most people just see it as a "big hit".
By making these over the top rules we exonerating the defending player from any responsibility. Players who can't play with their heads up should take the blame. I don't want hockey where every player can just float around with their heads down and turn it into some all-star game.

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