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Originally Posted by Beerz View Post
Thats just it. Miller is just blunt and doesn't play into the Political Correctness PR Bull ****. ... He knows exactly what the media is up to and exactly why the media is up to it. I don't see him as being sensitive or fragile at all... He's just intense and passionate about the game and doesn't feel the need to play along with the proper protocal of the media.

All media is a joke today...whether it's Sports Media or News Media... it's all about how many hits they can get on their blogs... only way they can do to create the drama when none is there...or intensify it if there is some.
Sorry, but I don't want my goaltender to be worried about what the media is doing and saying. The goalie should be so focused and disciplined as to be totally unaware of all the sideshows.

It's a trend with Ryan. Maybe he's a control freak. He's putting too much on himself after vowing a few years ago to worry about his crease and block everything else out. Be the puck. Stop the puck.

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