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Originally Posted by Talks to Goalposts View Post
Is it what the team expected to get for 6 million or what people were expecting? Because those are two different things. If people were expecting a point per game in Montreal every year then I think the problem was that people were expecting him to be something he's not and never was.

He averaged 71 points per 82 games through the prime scoring years of his career before coming to Montreal. In Montreal he's been 65 points through 82 games which is basically the pace he's on now. That's drop, but not a big one for a scoring forward going into the latter part of his 20's and basically around the same level of performance scoring-wise especially since he hasn't got an elite forward to play with like Kopitar or Iginla to boost him like previously.

Playoff Cammalleri is a 90 point player in 82 games. That's completely unreasonable from a guy like Cammalleri who isn't one of the top 10 forwards in the game. That's what Cammalleri can do during a hot streak but expecting him to average that for an entire season is ludicrous. He isn't that good. If your expectation is for him to be that good, you're setting yourself up for disappointment by setting the bar higher than he can be expected to hit in an average season.
We're talking about personal expectations, not managerial ones.
Mike Cammalleri signed his deal with the Habs just a month after turning 27. There was no reason to feel his goal production should drop under 30. Playing under Martin and without more talented players might affect his point totals, but the 30 goal is a mark I'm sure everybody, including management, thought he'd crack regularly. It is the pace he kept for his first year. Dropped it last season, and again this year (although there's still a huge majority of the games left to play).

I won't put as big of a significance on points, but more on goals. I like to focus on the primary things certain players are brought in to do. Cammy and Gionta were brought in to score goals. Gomez, set up teammates.
In terms of goal production, he could have done better. His PO production has been incredible, so expecting this over 82GP might be a set up for a disappointment as you said, but a fair one would be the 30goal mark. Even if he kept that pace in his first year here but was injured, he still has not cracked that total once, so I can understand some disappointment from fans.

Originally Posted by Talks to Goalposts View Post
If Cammalleri was that good he probably wouldn't have gone to free agency and if he did he'd have commanded more like 7.5-9 million a year rather than 6. Marion Gaborik isn't quite that good and he got 7.5 in the same year as Cammalleri while being a major injury risk.
He was the 4th highest paid unrestricted free agent of the 2009 summer. The Sedin twins were each re-signed for 100K more. They likely would have hit a higher total had they gone on the open market, but we're talking about 100pts+ players.
Other than them, as you mentioned, Gaborik signed the biggest deal to 7.5M. But, before then and since the lock out, only Kovalchuk and Ovechkin averaged a better goal scoring pace. So, despite being an injury risk, I'd say Gaborik was more worthy of 7.5M than Cammy was of 6M, especially if the expectation was a 25G-65pt one.

Also, the year after signing that contract, Gaborik had a career high in pts and tied his career goal record (with one less game played). He injured himself last year and missed 20games, so that was disappointing, but he's back on track this year scoring at a 45goal pace.
So I won't go as far as to say ''Gaborik isn't that good''.

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