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11-08-2011, 04:41 PM
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Originally Posted by timbitca View Post
Not to defend the journalists or anything... but there wasn't a journalist of either french or english local papers at the game.

And I repeat for the 1,000,000th time, the slash wasn't as bad as STUTOMMIES is trying to make it sound, he hit him on the side of the knee pad. 2-handers like that, unfortunately, are almost routine...

Chris Van Laren walked out of the arena with barely a limp, same can't be said of Chris Gaudet...
OK, this is where we disagree. I saw the slash as the camera focused on it. Van Laren's back was turned and Quensel slashed him from behind. Van Laren did not have pads on the back of his legs. IT was cheap, it was dirty, and it wasn't a defensive slash, it was a two handed baseball bat swing. No guts at all, NONE!! If he would have tackled him and fought, that is sticking up for your team mate. There was no glory in what Quensnel did, it made Les Aigles look bad, and reinforces their negative stereotype.

Van Laren could not feel his leg, it was hard, and Quensel is lucky it wasn't more serious.

The hit was bad enough but those hits will continue to happen because you can't tell a defenceman to not hit the guy trying to gain access to your zone. Gaudet had his head down and took a big hit that hurt him, I'm sorry about that, I'm sure Chris VL is sorry, as nobody is looking to injure someone....except Quensnel.


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