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11-08-2011, 05:17 PM
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Originally Posted by m00ks View Post
Without a point range, it kinda defeats the whole purpose of the discussion and the bet. my whole argument hinged on him staying at his current pace.

If he somehow explodes and pulls off a 70-75 point season (which is a 15-20 point swing form his pace of 56), then yeah, I'd admit 4.5M+ suddenly becomes a very real possibility.
then what's the point in the bet?

I'm confident that A.Kost, barring injury, will be worth 4-5M$ next season, easy.

of course, if he regresses terribly, puts up a 25pt season b/c of benchings/awful play, then he won't get that much.

likewise, if he goes on a crazy tear, like cammalleri did in CGY, and finishes the season with 40g/80pts, he'll cash in even greater than 5M$.

but that's the whole point, isn't it? I believe A.Kost is a player good enough to earn a 4-5M$ deal next year, whereas you seem to think he's only getting 4.5M if he gets "stupid money", and that even 4.25M would be a "generous offer".

i think that's crazy, both b/c of his current level, and b/c his current 3.25M$ is purely a reflection of having been an RFA (had he signed a UFA deal last summer, he'd have already been in the 4-4.5M$ range with his play last year).

so either you put your willing to stick by your proclamations, or you aren't. hedging it with point ranges takes away any of value of making a bet in the first place.

if you really don't think Kost is a 4-5M$ player on the UFA market, then you shouldn't be worried that he'll have a 60-70pt season, now should you?

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