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11-08-2011, 06:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
Guy has a full NMC... and seriously, how do you make a trade proposal without researching a guy's contract in this day and age?

I love Rick Nash, but I don't think he's necessary on this team.
So you're rick nash, you play in Ohio, on a team which has 5 points, and you pass up the opportunity to go to a up and coming championship contender (for a decently long time hopefully), in the biggest market America has to offer... Not happening.

I didn't research his cap because i'm not a GM and it's just an idea which floated around my head. I knew it was large, I was thinking around 6.5-7.

As for what their GM said will or will not happen. It's an industry. Everyone is expendable. If it is for the better of the franchise, if it will help them become better and thus become more marketable and profitable, then they will do it. Nothing is set in stone. Therefore, these rumors will continue to come out. Nash plays for a small market terrible team. What usually happens when stars land in small markets and their team consistently bombs? Soon enough, they leave, and go to larger markets. If the team was good and successful, then that is a different story... but let's be real, the Blue Jackets don't have any cup contention hopes in the next 5 years. By then Nash will have passed his prime.

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