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10-30-2003, 12:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Enoch
I dont get you. If you dislike the Predators "product" so much, then why the crap are you a fan. I'm not going to hold a pity party everytime I read your post. Hockey is supposed to be FUN not frustrating. If you have a hard time cheering for the Predators, then move on. I'm tired of reading your whining and lamenting everytime you post. I dont mind seeing criticism, but your whole outlook is that of a bitter fan, who hates the team. Get over it, and move on.
You just described what the majority of Nashville has already done.

Apparently you canít handle the truth. The truth of the matter is that the Predators have a bad product. Why else are we last in the NHL in attendance? Why else has our season ticket base been almost cut in half since our inception? Fact: The Predators have the 2nd most losses of any NHL team over the past 5 years (2nd to TB). For comparisonís sake, the Titans have the 2nd most wins of any NFL team. I have minimal interest in the Titans. I am an extremely devoted Predators fan. However, this is, BY FAR, the minority opinion in Nashville.

Here are some more truths for you. Itís extremely difficult to market a bad product, especially when the vast majority of the Nashville has tried out the product and been disappointed. Yes, some people still like the product. Those people would be us. But itís time to step into reality man. We are the minority that still support a bad product. Like anything else, if things arenít turned around, the product will fold. The Nashville Predators are hanging on by a thread. If we continue losing, this franchise has AT MOST two more years in Nashville. Each loss is a step closer to relocation.

Do you want the Nashville Predators to fold? I donít. And at this point, I will adamantly discuss my concerns for this franchise, because I am very concerned. If you donít like it, you can stay in your fantasy world of ice cream cones and cotton candy and ignore my concerns.

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