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11-08-2011, 09:17 PM
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Hey everyone, first time poster long time lurker here.

I've been wondering for some time why every goalie we play is beasting us... Florida, Buffalo, Edmonton...

This is so frustrating and annoying, no one crashes the net. I mean even us as fans can see that why is the coaching staff not doing ANYTHING ? Martin is an idiot, let it be clear. He keeps trying the same things that never worked and never will.

Darche is not a NHL player, and while he's been helpful in the past, nothing justifies him getting PP time. NOTHING.

Plekanec on the point is also horrendous. I'll cut him some slack as he's been our best forwards for the past 3-4 years but tonight he was terrible, plain and simple.

I'm so tired of our team's midget size seriously... Gionta, Cammy, DD, OMG... the only people with size in our forwards are MaxPac, Cole and AK46 and knowing PG he prob. wont even sign AK. This team is so scared of crashing the net and we lose the puck all the time along the boards because we're small, soft and *******.

We need some size and fast... Idk if the return of Markov can help save this sinking boat.. what are your thoughts ?

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