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Originally Posted by haseoke39 View Post
Then what you're arguing is really kind of pointless and semantical. Okay, so no team ever went out with that as their goal and built a team consciously with $2M goaltending. Nevertheless, several teams have shown, based on who was on the ice winning the cup for them, that that's something you could do. So why argue it's an invalid theory for building a team? If it plainly could work, who cares that Detroit and Chicago didn't attempt to build their teams that way? They both put el cheapo guys in the crease when it counted and it worked.

And it kind of follows very intuitively from there that if you are going to try that route, why waste tons of money on your backup when you can put it somewhere else?
To be criticized for points I'm not making is incredibly annoying. I will try to better explain my points and add some context.

1) On goalie compensation ---> In the Miller debates some of Miller's biggest critics have argued his salary impedes our ability to build a Stanley Cup winner. As a counterpoint to this I've shown that the last 5 Cups winners have spent roughly 9-12% of their cap space on goalies. Our current allotment for goalies takes up roughly 10% of our cap space. So obviously a team can build a Cup winner spending what we are on goalies.

2) The Detroit "model" myth ---> I'm not arguing against the idea of building a team with cheap goalies. I'm pointing out that Detroit has never won a Cup doing that. The Detroit goalie model thing for me is a factual pet peeve. Using this model to bolster an arguemnt against Miller and his contract. Posters can't argue that the Detroit goaltending model is a proven way to build a Cup winner when that model has never won a Cup for Detroit or anyone else.

I'm not commenting on how good or bad a strategy it is to spend less on goalies. I'm also not arguing you need to have high paid starters. Nor am I arguing that playing the lesser paid of your goalies in the playoffs is a bad idea. But it seems like , based on your responses, that those are the points you think I'm making.

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