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11-09-2011, 06:02 AM
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Sorry disagree

[QUOTE=Minister of Offence;39175019]I've really liked this guy from day 1 but I don't see his skating improving that much. He's stride is sketchy and he's already done tons of work to improve his skating, his speed and quickness has improved but there's only so far that stride will take .

First off I am a old power skating instructor so eyeno this stuff.I spend most of my time at practices watching skating ( old habit).Z Smith technically is a good skater he has a monster stride which makes him look slower simply cause his feet are not moving as fast as a player who has a short choppy stride.One poster said he gets around the rink suprisingly well,I am not surprised.He has good upright posture,knees always bent and pushes straight back,good stride.One can always improve ones stride, posture etc.its a never ending process.The other thing I have noticed is his stride doesnt change when he gets tired or frustrared.A player who has done alot of changes to ther technique will revert back to bad habits when they are stressed he doesnt.Another thing with his stride is he beats alot of d men on the outside not alot can do that.More skilled stick handlers try and finess there way through ,Smith goes around and does real well at it.Is he perfect not at all does he has good technique in my opinion and others I watch with ,ya he does.

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