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Originally Posted by ltrangerfan View Post
I've always thought of Hank as one of the better goalies in the league.

The soft goals is why I never considered him the best.
You have a case of serious tunnel vision. You're very welcome to point out any goaltender that doesn't allow the occassional soft goal. Do you even regularly watch other teams play? Do you have any understanding whatsoever for the position?

And while you're at it, you're welcome to point out any goalie that has been more consistent than Lundqvist since he entered the league. You think I'm a fan of Lundqvist because he's Swedish? No. He played for a team in SEL I don't like whatsoever. I am a fan of him because his awesomeness is pretty much undisputable. His high level of consistency is what makes him great. That you somehow believe that is his weakness, makes me .
Originally Posted by John Torturella View Post
Can't believe this thread. You can't hate on your team's MVP. That is clearly what Henrik is. Honestly, if Marty Biron was the starter through the first 5 games, we would have probably have 6 fewer points than we do right now.
When the team is on a winning streak, what else are they supposed to whine about? They need to whine, simple as that. There's no 3rd pairing Euro D-man to boo your lungs out at (don't worry, Strålman is soon arriving), so they must find something to hack at.

This thread is a clear result of the kneejerk "what have you done for me lately" syndrome in the most ridiculous fashion and is frankly put pathetic. Hank carries the team - in God Mode - at the start of the season and then has a couple of average games. Nevermind six straight seasons of being the franchise MVP. We have as a team allowed the least number of goals in the entire conference, despite playing like absolute garbage for most of the season so far, especially when Hank has been playing. "What's wrong with Hank, why is he so bad?" What's wrong? That you're ignorant at the position of goaltending and has the attention span of a goldfish, that's what's wrong. When Biron steals the #1 job from Hank, then you can start worrying about why he's so bad.

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