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Originally Posted by r3cc0s View Post
Wood would just not work for me... I'd be going through one every 2-3 games easy

I love the feel, but they break down way faster than composite.

No wood won't detonate like a composite does on TV, but:

#1 - you aren't a pro, you aren't being hacked like a pro and you don't load and take shots like one
#2 - Their sticks are MOSTLY graphite and with stiff flex, and from what my neighbor tells me, they're not quite as durable as the retail stuff, but are lighter and better balanced

#3 - Though you don't see wood sticks detonate like compsosites on TV... you dont' actually realize how many wood sticks pro's used to go through in a game. They lose their flex with every shot, hack... Composites may lose a bit of flex in the blade in time, but the shaft remains consistant until it does break.

anyways... why spend $60 on a premium wood stick, where I'm not sure there are any decent wood ones other than 5030, and spend that on a "discount" quality stick...
I've seen S15's go for $79, which is alot of quality for the buck
The difference between pro-stock and retail sticks are real. I've had both pro-stock and retail S19s and TotalOnes.

Pro-stock S19s, according to a postage meter (Hey, it's an accurate digital scale!) are roughly 5-grams or so lighter then retail and it was also a bit longer (about 1/2"). The pro-stock also didn't have the same coating around the taper to the blade as the retail. I assume that had something to with the weight difference... Otherwise they felt identical in play and everything. However, the retail sticks did last a LOT longer then pro-stock in terms of feel. I think a brand new pro-stock probably feels better at the taper when stick handling, but after a bit of play they are pretty much the same.

Pro-stock and retail TotalOnes had the same weight, same coating, same everything. Virtually identical in every facet. Much happier with the retail quality of the TotalOne compared to the retail quality of the S19 - then again, the same could be said about any S19 v TotalOne IMHO.

I just got a retail RS Stealth last week and have played with it once. It's a very good stick, but I'm not 100% happy with it yet. I don't want to pass judgement until I get some more ice time with it though.

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