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11-13-2005, 09:47 PM
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We played our last game of the regular season in ball hockey against the second worst team, the first one being us! We were beaten 4-3! Their third goal was my fault. I was pretty frustrated, so instead of clearing the defense zone, I chose to shoot as hard as I could one someone's leg. It did not pay off, as someone caught the ball and scored! On another play, an opponent got a break-away. As I was pretty sure he would score, I threw my stick in front of him. He had a penalty shot, but lost the ball while running. He never had the chance to shoot.

On the positive side, I played a very good game, and for the first time with that team, I had fun. At least we could compete with the other team. It changes from the 10-0 score. I was more physical than usual, putting my body in others' way, pushing them around without exaggerating. I received a few hockey sticks in the legs and back, so I must have done a great job. I had a good shot on goal. I did not shoot extremely hard, but hard enough, and most importantly, I kept the shot low and on net. I am a much better runner than I used to be, so I arrive to the ball faster. As someone pointed out, if you have the speed you can get the ball before the opponent does even if he has more talent than you do. His talent will be of no use if you outrun him. Since I run faster, I now get more space, so more time to look around and see to whom I can pass the ball.

It seems to me that at every game, I reach a new level of hockey. I'm very proud of myself. I make mistakes, but better plays. In the future there will be fewer of these mistakes and more of these good plays. It's up to me to keep up the physical shape that I have. That's my best advice to beginners: Reach the best physical shape as you can, and you'll AUTOMATICALLY increase your value as hockey player. It takes time and energy, but it's so worthwhile. I believe the best place you can invest is in your health.

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