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11-09-2011, 11:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Beechsack View Post
Have to really disagree. I can't really speak to the Gerbe penalty because I was on the phone, but they'll call anyone for roughing every single time. You just can't come all the way across the ice and knock a guy down when that guy isn't doing anything but standing there. If Roy is engaged with the other defenseman or the goaltender it's nothing. But he was just STANDING there.

Stuart didn't give the official a choice. That HAD to be called.
It was a shove to the shoulder.

It happens nearly after nearly every whistle.
Shoves, face washing...

Put it this way...

Buffalo leads 5-4, they have a PP, after the whistle Regehr pushes a guy like Ribeiro in the shoulder (F-in shoulder ffs) and he goes down like he was shot.

I guarantee you, you would not find a single poster here who'd say, "okay, Regher shouldn't have pushed him in the shoulder".


A. Push. To. The. Shoulder.

Not a punch, not caught to his helm straps and yanked him back and forth, not a face wash, not a hit...

A. Push. To. The. Shoulder.

At a crucial stage of the game...


You don't agree, that's fine.
I just think it was a really, REALLY weak call.

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