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11-09-2011, 12:27 PM
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I am happy with the win, two points is two points is two points but, I don't think we are where we need to be just yet. During the first two weeks there were times that we looked like we might be the best team in the league. We may not have scored during each of these times but you could see us firing on all cylinders and really just dominating our opponents for long stretches.

I credit this to our having a few new faces who hadn't had their will to live sucked out of them by Grandmama's system of the living dead. After awhile of having to listen to him during practices and games you eventually just start trying to play "system hockey" and there you go. "ONE OF US ONE OF US GOOBLE GOBBLE GOOBLE GOBLE ONE OF US!"

Meh, like always I am hyper critical of TM so I will get bak to the point.

What I am seeing is us forcing play so that we can up our 5 on 5 scoring to the point of failure at times. I am hopeful that eventually a balance will come and that we will have the best of both worlds or as close as we can get.

There isn't the same connectivity between our forwards and our D as there was last season or at least not on as much of a consistent basis just yet. I believe it will come back around but it is part of the reason that I don't see us as being all too close to where we need to be in order to compete for the cup.

The good thing is that we have exposed a couple of major weaknesses that are undeniable on the wing in our top and bottom 6.

IF Penner can keep turning the corner and finally become the player we know he can be then that would do a satisfactory job for our top 6. We need a speedster/sniper in the mix but that can wait if it has to. Our major need imo is to seriously upgrade our bottom 6 both on 3rd line RW and at insert. Clifford should be playing with TL and that leaves us open for Stolls line. To me it is more a matter of compatibility then anything else where our 3rd line is concerned but where we were dead solid last season we are woefully off this year.

Gone are Zues Simmonds etc in are TH and EM. HUGE loss of skill and smarts there.

I can see things coming together and even believe that by the mid point that we will have addressed the bottom 6 problems and that might just be enough for us to take the next step.

Wow am I rambling.

So far we aren't there and we need to get there if we want to take the next step this year.

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