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11-09-2011, 12:27 PM
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Originally Posted by token grinder View Post
It does have to do with the Penn St. Program. He was employed by them and used their facilities for it. Granted, I agree no stripping of wins, or sanctions or anything of the such should be levied against the program itself. However legal action should be taken on the coach, the GA and the administration who failed to investigate. It was not Paterno's job to investigate it. when he got the story, at that point it was a report. He did what he was supposed to since he did not witness it. Now, had the coach fessed up to it to Paterno, then yes, Paterno is in the wrong. It is his job to run the football program, not investigate crimes. that is where the adminstration failed.
I agree. I don't know if I'm missing anything but still all I've really heard about Paterno's involvement was that he heard about the allegations in 02 and he reported it to people who should have done something that Paterno shouldn't have needed to. Namely, investigate the situation. Yes I heard Sandusky still had access to the university very recently, but I don't know what Paterno knew in retrospect. For all I know, after he reported the situation and didn't hear anything maybe he thought the allegations were false. It's not like Sandusky was gonna admit anything behind closed doors. I have no opinion whatsoever about PSU, but I have a hard time believing Joe Pa was secretly covering up some scandal to protect a coach who had been gone for 12 years. He probably didn't know much of what was going on outside of the allegations from a decade ago. Had Sandusky been investigated, and found guilty of these egregious actions and Paterno still let him hang around then yes he probably should be taking some of the fall for this, but I think it's a convenient reason to let him go. If Joe Pa was.....I don't know....Mack Brown (very good and well-respected coach but not 84 years old) I don't know if they would be calling for his job so aggressively.

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