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Originally Posted by puckish66 View Post
Beyond the obvious answer, that is -- yes, 82-0 would be awesome.

Would you like every game to be like last night, lots of chances, lots of mistakes, lots of power plays and lots of goals (and the occasional big hit and nasty fight)? Or would you like most games like that? Or just once in a while?

I doubt any fan would want to watch a whole season like that, but for me anyway, it's a lot closer to what hockey should be than the typical NHL game.

It was fun to watch, almost a guilty pleasure to see impenetrable defenses and goalies break down. Unfortunately, it's a fluke. To see this more often, owners will have to dictate a different style of play and the league will have to tweak the rules pretty dramatically.
Loved the back-and-forth nature of it, the fight was spirited and seemed to inspire both teams, and there was plenty of goalscoring to keep any fan on the edge of their seat.

That said, I agree with your take on it being a "guilty pleasure" and not being something that would happen night-to-night. It was a very sloppy game for both teams in a lot of ways. But 11 goals off 70-odd shots, combined? Very late '70's-early '90's in terms of outcome. It beats the pants off 2-1 snooze fests of the clutch-and-grab/Dead Puck era, that's for sure.

And yet, the comments will be that a team can't play that way all the time and expect to win in the playoffs. Granted, once upon a time, teams did play a very wide-open scoring style in the regular season and dial it down in the playoffs. Now it seems everyone is coached to have a perfect defensive game from pre-season to lifting the Cup. Wayne Gretzky once commented when asked how the Oilers could play firewagon hockey in the season and turn on the defense in the playoffs that "playing defense is boring".

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