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11-09-2011, 01:41 PM
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I'm more than a little concerned about Kadri's development. Before someone calls me a Kadri hater, or says I'm one of those guys that want to rush him, hear me out. <-- funny how a poster can be considered both/either, in one post hehehhe.

He's been the Leafs #1 prospect and the one with the most potential for a few years now. I've bought into all the hype, hoping he could develop into that center-man roll and eventually center the second line, or possibly the first one. Even when it looked like he was struggling at C, I really hoped to see him as top 6 player on the Leafs.

Have I given up? No. But the longer it takes Kadri to make the jump to the NHL, the more he's looking like one of those 40% of first rounders that don't ever make the NHL, or do, but don't play any significant number of games. You see, "A first round selection is far more valuable than any other selection – a player taken in that range has a slightly better than 60% chance of turning out to be a “decent” or better player; nearly three times the rate of the second round" (taken from here ) . But that doesn't mean a first rounder is guaranteed money.

Kadri's development seems to have taken a strange turn. He's done the AHL thing, put in some games on the big club. Adjusted his off-season workouts like he was asked, and then re-changed them again, because it looked like it hindered more than helped (last season). He's gone from the center-man prospect that could be developed in the system, as opposed to looking outside. Now he seems like he's playing wing when he comes up to the big club. Is he even a C anymore? or does he play wing in the A as well?

My problem may just be a lack of patience. If the Leafs are winning and there are no issues with the NHL players, I tend to not think much about what prospects are doing. But with the recent injuries, goaltending problems and losing streak, I'm looking at what's in the system and wondering who could come up and make any difference.

Kadri has shown some flashes when he as has played for the Leafs, but he still seems to have some lapses in judgement which is what got him sent down. I'm wondering how many more chances he'll get before other guys start making the jump over him, if any do. I'm really hoping he starts to "get it" and develops the hockey smarts that seem to be missing, when I see him play. That way, he can make the jump to the big club (this year or next) and start helping out.

For now though, it looks like Kadri's not gonna be the answer to the Leafs problems, which is mostly team defense and goaltending. Although, the last two games, offense has been anemic, at best.

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