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11-09-2011, 02:46 PM
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Originally Posted by tserberis View Post
As I see it he is suspended by his club and currently under article 9.1 d(iii) of CBA.
He is under ELS contract with Nashville Predators with one year remaining on it followed by RFA status.
I would think that from NHL and NHLPA legal point of view under current CBA his contract with any other club but Nashville Predators is not recognized. So technically for NHL he is not playing.
Thereafter he is not re-entry waiver eligible and can return to his Club at anytime if club lift the suspention.

Sorry if I am wrong but thats how I see it.
that is the other way to look at it... whatever he is doing now is "illegitimate" in the eyes of the NHL so doesnt matter and would be the same as if he had just taken his toys and gone home and not played anywhere.

the whole point is, the NHL isnt going to punish the preds when they didnt do anything wrong. And if anyone wants to complain, I'd like to know what the greivance process would be in this circumstance. The NHLPA wouldnt have standing to object, as presumably Rads isnt even a member in good standing, and in any case they would likely be supporting bringing him back. Other teams?? get real... Bettman would tell them to hush and move along... but even if they didnt want to comply what remedy would they have? Has there been a case where a single team or even multiple teams tried to intervene in a situation like this?? can teams file a greivance against the league and have a hearing??

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