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11-09-2011, 02:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Dubi Doo View Post
Cha Ching! We have a winner!

I still can't believe how much value people are putting into the first half of the season. The fact is, we are stacking up points. At this point in the season, that's all we need to worry about. Get points to get into the playoffs.

This team isn't close to its potential right now. No team is. That's why a lot of very good teams are struggling right now. It's not just the Sabres. Boston, Tampa, Detriot, LA, Vancouverm Chicago etc...All are either struggling, or just getting out of their slumps.

As long as this team is firing on all cylinders come April, then I'll be happy. Look at last year. The team played its best hockey from January on. Actually, look back at almost any Sabres team post-lockout, and I bet their record from Jan-April is better than Oct-Jan.

You can't make the clinch a spot in the first half of the season, but you sure has hell can lose it. The Sabres had to be the hottest team in the league just to get to 7th spot (and the one team that might have been even hotter, the Devils, missed it altogether because of the hole they dug themselves into).

As long as you stay afloat points wise in the first half, you'll have your shot at the playoffs. The second half is all about getting into that post-season form so that when you make the playoffs--1st seed or 8th--you'll have your shot of advancing.

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