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Originally Posted by Ahsen Mian View Post
Kadri will never be on the Leafs for an entire season because management and Wilson treat him like a scrub call-up. As well I don't see Kadri on this leafs team in the future since we have MacArthur for 2-3 more years and we all know Grabo and Kulemin are going to be resigned for atleast 3 more years. By the time Kadri even gets a chance on this team he won't be considered a prospect just an ahl vet at around 25 years old.

Kadri, for the sake of his own NHL career should probably get traded Leafs ain't gonna go anywhere soon, Burke screwed up thinking he could find a shortcut to rebuilding.

This team isn't good enough to get in to the playoffs
The reality is no one here can say with complete certainty whether there is or is not an issue with Kadri and how he is percieved by Leaf management. Stating otherwise is a reach. Kadri has NHL potential IMO, but Burke has also pressed the importance of plying your trade in the minors before making the jump. Almost what is happening here...

Team is not good enought to make the playoffs? What is there record today? Or is it because they crapped the bed the last two games the season is a write off? Only in Toronto, are some fans this fairweather. I can't imagine the ammount of revenue that could be made in prescriptions for bi-polar disorders among the many Leaf fans.

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