Thread: Recalled/Assigned: Panthers Assign Markstrom to San Antonio
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11-09-2011, 03:07 PM
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[QUOTE=LuckyLuke87;39178235]Well, I'm not dancing in ecstasy about every move Tallon makes. But I give respect where it should be given - Tallon is the best GM this franchise had in a long time and I'm well aware of it. On the other hand, I will never be one of those "yeah, waive Grabner, show some accountability, great move" or "yes, trading Frolik + Salak for scraps is fantastic move, it clearly sends message" guys. I know that being critical at boards where almost everyone holds Tallon in semi-god status and adores every move he makes leaves me pretty exposed to all possible bashing. I can live with it.[QUOTE]

Like Laus said, Id like to see who would keep Grabner on the team just because. He didnt prove anything in preseason, and the best thing was to send him down. He even said he understood why he was being sent down. This is really beating what happened to death.

And the Frolik deal was for scraps? It sent a message? You are right, it did, it showed players that if you dont give 100% on both sides of the ice, you wont be a Florida Panther. Could we have possibly gotten more, who knows, because Tallon is the one making and receiving the calls, so NOBODY knows what value Frolik had in the league.

Reality is, for all the good moves he has done, there are also pretty bad ones and no rationale person can deny it. And I wouldn't call waiving Grabner, trading Frolik for nothing, or wasting top3 pick on Gudbranson (I will get beaten alive for this, but I stand still with my opinion from draft day that at that #3 spot much better options were available) the good ones and closing eyes doesn't make them disappear. But watching Panthers play this year, good moves outweights the bad ones and that wasn't usual for Panthers (btw, I love getting Dineen as head coach or getting rid of Olesz).
Wrong. For all the good moves he made, there are less than a handful that are bad. You dont like Gudbranson, who would you have chosen? Let me guess, Skinner right? Because he was slotted to go in the top three, right? Gudbranson was the right pick for us. I would really like to see you try and explain who would have been the "Much better option!"

But this is thread about Markstrom - you might advocate that move all you can, I still don't see anything good about it. I've never said Markstrom should start 60 games right now. But he was playing great and sticking with Tallon's words (performance and winning is all that matters) he should have stayed and play. If he starts to get exposed etc., you can send him down anytime. He can work on his weaknesses playing in AHL as well as plaing in NHL as far as he's getting wins. I think you should play the best player - is youngster getting you wins? Than don't send him down in favor of 15-year veteran, whose days are almost over and who is coincidentally worse player too. If you do so, than don't talk about accountability, winning now and performance is the most important because it all sounds like a BS. Simply admit it's money move and you don't care about winning as much as you claim.
This move was about money as much as anything else, but the kid needed work on his game too. Instead of getting one start every five games, he gets to play most of the games for SA, I dont know why you do not see that. Theodore has played well this season, and there is no point having Markstrom play once a week, if that, just so he can be in the bigs. Like everyone has said/tweeted already, he is our future, and we will see him sooner rather than later.

To his "building SC winner" in Chicago - just ask Hawks fans how do they feel about him - he helped that franchise short term, no doubt about it, but than hurt it longterm with terrible moves and contracts (not even mentioning poor draft record). His handing out fat contracts like candies frenzy did hurt Balckhawks a lot and they are still recovering.
Im sure if you polled Chicago fans, MOST would take the SC title, especially considering they havent won a Cup in decades. Im sure if you polled fans of ANY team in this league, MOST would not mind what Tallon did, if it meant a Cup.

To alleviate all the anger coming to me after this post - I think Tallon is good GM, he's heading this team in right direction, but he's not that go(o)d as some people here are convinced. And only because they think so, I won't agree with every move he makes. Markstrom is great goalie and he can handle NHL workload right now, it seems some people still don't realize how good he is.
He is that good, his track record here CLEARLY shows that. Has he been perfect, of course not, he has made mistakes, but this team has never had a transformation of this magnitude before, and it all started when Tallon was hired. He brought credibility to the organization, and has put us on a path, his blueprint, at a time where we needed it most.

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