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11-09-2011, 05:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Hensch View Post
i gotta admit this is funny; however, shouldn't Sens fans be more interested in tanking this year and drafting Yakupov rather than getting revenge for Alfie... Sens GDT is ruthless, holy *****...

Note: Dale Purinton is doing well BTW, he is also a client of mine living Cowichan coaching the local BCHL team, great guy, loves to talk about hockey.
Most of the Purinton types always turn out to be great down to earth guys.

I'm over the whole Wolski-Alfie thing personally because im so god damn sick of Shanahans video's and the entire media debate over headshots, what is and isn't legal, I get so bored talking about it and seeing it every day, would rather just focus on fricken hockey. Anytime I watch a Shanahan video I just picture him going hard at Janney's wife in the bedroom anyway.

As far as the whole Yakupov thing, it would be nice to get him, but I think it's stupid to even think about the whole situation until the time comes, I mean if its march and were out of it, okay lets keep an eye on it. With all the young players I'd rather see them progress and do at least okay, it would show us that a lot of these guys could be legit NHLers on a competitive team, as opposed to finishing dead last and thinking, hmmm some of these guys maybe aren't NHL material and need to be replaced with better players.

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