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11-09-2011, 08:36 PM
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Originally Posted by token grinder View Post
I hate when people fight after legal checks.
This. Legwand hit was legal, but the Kings knew we wouldn't have a response however that hit ended up. But having said that.....

Originally Posted by ILikeItILoveIt View Post
I like the move we made in enforcers this year. We now have a guy who will win most fights and can play respectable 4th line minutes. However, if all he ever does is fight the other teams enforcer, what good is it? Case in point last night. Our points leader, Legwand, gets his head taken off in the middle of our zone by Dustin Brown. God knows how long he'll be out. Our enforcer is in the line-up. No response. Why not? If you can take out our leading scorer, and not get beat up by our enforcer, then what's the purpose of having him? I didn't see any restraint by Brown. Isn't the reason we have an enforcer to discourage players like Brown from taking liberties with our high-end, non-fighting players? I thought it was an unnecessary hit that bordered on illegal but even if it was legal, there was not hesitiation for fear of retaliation.

He should have been made to pay. We may have lost the one guy we couldn't afford to lose for any length of time. enforcer like McCrappan used to make a difference and perhaps cool things down/heat things up as necessary. It doesn't really work any more in today's game. Because it doesn't work anymore like in the past and since certainly McCrappan hasn't lessened the legal/borderline/cheap/illegal hits on the Preds thus far, McCrappan is ultimately a wasted roster spot for a strategy that doesn't work anymore. I guess I'm biased, but the Preds seem to take more than their fair share of hard checks/cheap shots compared to the rest of the games I watch around the league. No reason the other guys on the ice can't stand up for each other and make other teams hesitate before they do something. It looks like the rest of the league knows they can get away with about anything they want, and with an anemic power play, there's not much risk in trying.

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