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11-10-2011, 12:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Jmac1160 View Post
I agree with yo 100%, but we did have a great game defensively. We aren't expected to shutout every opponent. Our D gave our offense a chance to win and we didn't capitalize on anything. I agree that martin needs to make some small changes like taking Pleks off the point on the PP and take darche off the PP. I just find that Martin is very stubborn and tends to stick to what worked in the past. He needs to focus on the present but instead he makes zero adjustments.
That's Martin for you

Does really try things out
It's kinda said for me since when I see plek at the point sometimes I want him to fail just for Martin to relize that plek should not be at the point
You can are it on his face too
Not conferabe with the puck. He is making mistakes out there because of it. Like on the first goal last night poor pass leading to a goal
But what else can he do about it
He is not going to come out and say I hate being at the point. It's plek he is nicer then that.

I really would Luke to have seem somthing like 24/7 dine for last season for the team because I think it will show that the REAL coach was muller. Seeing how things is being run it's clear that most of the crative idea's were . from muller. Even look at this Season we would be screwed if we didn't have the randy's behind the bench talking to players and making plays.the last timeout showed that atleast we have people that showed life back there. I can tell you somthing I feel much safer having muller back there. Too bad The evil duo of PG and JM were here. Muller never really had a chance of sticking here because PG knew if the team sucked fans would call for muller to be head coach

Well that's my rant

Ps-I know there is some spelling mistakes but I tried my best for a phone

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