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11-10-2011, 05:33 AM
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Some points I am hoping people can comment on.
1. The penalty kill is #1 in the league, what is the difference from last year?
2. What is wrong with Leino?
3. When is Ennis back?
4. How is Kassian doing and why didn't he get the call over Tropp?
5. It seems like Lindy Ruff is the wrong coach for this team, true?
6. Is Ryan Miller becoming expendable? Does Enroth make Miller a worse goalie?
meaning with a really bad backup Miller looks great
7. Buffalo is #9 on the PP is this good enough?
8. When is Hecht back?
9. I see many people split on Ehrhoff, this guy has a cannon and it seems as usual Buffalo tries to work the puck down low on the PP instead of setting up Ehrhoff. Is Ehrhoff being used properly? I think so far he is having trouble fitting in.

1. if you recall we ended last year very strong on the PK and it just carried over into this year Id venture to guess. Also adding Robyn and another year of growth on our younger Dmen sure helps.

2. He is what he is. Everyone hyped him up and hoped he'd be the messiah at a "new/old" position that he previously hadnt found success in at least in America. He's doing the little things right and is playing well along the board and defensively but over the course of his highly paid contract I feel he will be looked upon as hecht is by ok 2way player who is just paid too much for what he brings

3. Still no word, didnt skate yet this week to my knowledge

4. Kassian is still obviously young. You can see it in his play. he has some more maturation to go through before he gets the nod. Likewise Tropp had a great preseason, and ruff noticed. not to mention Tropp is very Kaleta-esque so he was an easy fill in.

5. No I think that some of the players are the wrong style for his system. Darcy and Pegula and Black knew his philosophy and what he asks for and still got him some players that werent that style i.e Leino. guys like Vanek and Poms who know his style in and out are thriving this year, new guys are struggling..

6. Not really at least yet and having 2 good goalies is no problem its a blessing, ask Boston about that.

7. PP and PK numbers this early on arent worth getting excited game good or bad could vastly change both. If we give up 3 goals or get 3 on either side of special teams we go up 10 places in any direction. Give it time, and in terms of the PP give Erhoff time too because he will help there eventually

8. Would be surprised to see him anytime this calendar year at least

9. Good observations, he hasnt been able to unleash his shot yet. His pairing on the blueline has been weak with gragnani usually being there with him and now some Roy. Buffalo should be allowing him to fireaway and let vanek and poms get their usual garbage goals yet for some reason we seem intent on doing exactly the opposite.

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