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11-10-2011, 07:36 AM
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As embarassing as I thought that was, can you really say to them "hey, btw, you can't play that system"?

What we witnessed was the absolute worst it could get, where a team sits back and waits for the forecheck, while they sit back and wait for the rush.

As much as we all think it sucked, I find it hypocritical to say "you can't play that system, come play ours". Our team was Smart for waiting and not changing our strategy as was theirs, and look who won in the end! Not us.

If other teams start to take this approach of sitting and waiting, then Tampa would be stupid to not change, I'd imagine they would lose fans at the games, television ratings, and the players would start to become disinterested in staying the course. We know that because after it happened once St.Louis said with flare to Boucher "What do you want me to do!" while Jagr complained he could play two games at that pace.

Overall, the 1-3-1 is bad for hockey, but is it really anyones place to tell them they can't play that way and to suggest our systems are better, particularly if they are having success with their system?

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