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11-10-2011, 08:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Jet View Post

Thank you, Philadelphia Flyers. Thanks for finally standing up to the worst thing to ever happen to hockey.

For a team with the amount of talent the Lightning have to resort to such a chicken **** ploy is embarrassing for the NHL. People can accuse the Flyers of being no better than Tampa for what they did but I heartily disagree. There is no way Philly wanted to play that style, but its about time someone exposed teams that resort to non skilled, boring, stifling play.

I especially liked the Flyers players who were calling out the Tampa players for not forechecking. They should be embarrassed (though of course that is a coaching decision)

The Flyers are alright in my books. I just felt compelled to come here and show my support.

This should make for a great segment on HBO 24/7

Anyways, The Flyers werent really trying to prove anything. They were simply trying to make TB forecheck them so that they didnt have to play TB's system. It is a complete joke of a system. During a Q game last year, one team was playing the 1-3-1 and their opponents attempted to prove a point and ended up passing the puck in their own zone about 20 times between themselves without trying to take it through the neutral zone.

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